1. catalistuniverse:

    animation: Daniel, art: Jen

    Here is an animated gif from the original story boards!

  2. catalistuniverse:

    art: Daniel

    Here is the sketch that started it all, even before the Boss Cat

  3. catalistuniverse:

    art direction, graphic design: Daniel, Art by Krall

    Some concept art in progress for Jack and his buddies

  4. catalistuniverse:

    art: Krall

  5. catalistuniverse:

    art direction: Daniel, art: Krall

    The gang is all here! The Green Knights of Awe- Jack, Bambi, Mae Urn and Bruce!

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    … truth

    (Source: 4-panel-life)

  7. catalistuniverse:

    We have commissioned super rad artist Ivy Atoms to do two paintings for Catalist of character designs we still haven’t shown ;) Be excited, be very excited! Death and flames await us all!

    Also you should just go check out her amazing work -> @ivyatoms

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    art: Ivy Atoms

  9. catalistuniverse:

    color: Daniel, character design: Daniel & Jen, art: Jen


    If you don’t know Jen Lee, now you do! She and Daniel St George are responsible for all of the wild character designs for Catalist. Working in tandem with Daniel to develop over 22 main characters for what will be an epic saga, Jen is our awesomely talented head artist. She does amazing work outside of Catalist, such as THUNDER PAW!

    Peep more of Jen’s work at repoghost :)


    Jen’s working hard on another upcoming project! Check for more of her super rad work at http://repoghost.tumblr.com

    (Source: repoghost)

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    More of Daniel Krall’s rad work!

    (Source: danielkrall)

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    The Great Oracle

    Art: Jen & Daniel

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    Happy 4th