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    art by Ryan Andrews

    Attention all Catalist fans!

    As we are working hard and gearing up for the upcoming release of Catalist, we’ve decided to celebrate the momentous occasion with a fun Fall giveaway! The catastic limited edition 18” x 24” poster up for grabs is illustrated by the amazingly talented Ryan Andrews and features Hal, Fiamma, Jack, Bambi and Nerv who are all ready to wreak some havoc :)

    In order to enter the contest, make sure to re-blog this post for a chance of winning! Giveaway ends October 4th, and we will be selecting a total of 31 lucky contestants (which means a winner for each day of the contest!)

    To double your chance of winning, go ahead and Tweet a link to this post and add #CatalistUniverse; Triple your chances by following us on Instagram at thebosscatllc, re-posting this same image and tagging#CatalistUniverse & @Thebosscat to your re-post. 

    Much lurve and luck to all Catalist contestants! :)

    *free shipping will be provided in a large envelope via usps; available option of usps priority mail tube shipping for extra $5.00 

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    Bartbrowne helps us sometimes with animations, He’s working on something new… Shell Shock!… that looks pretty cool… I wonder what it is.

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    artwork: Natali Koromoto

    Work in progress of Normcore Fiamma!

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    Check out dethpsun's new print he made when up in Mendocino County. 

    You can one of your own for $16 by visiting this link

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    Reminder of the Catalist Poster Giveaway #CatalistUniverse

  5. Jeffrey Campbell - BAT GIRL heels

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    just be patient!

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    ok i give up on art 2day

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    sticker sheet coming really soon!! 

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  14. [HQ] Beenzino for Freshness Magazine 1830x2728

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